We harness the power of technology to help you achieve your goals and objectives. The Stratistry team brings over 90 years of experience guiding leading brands like TGI Friday’s, Bank of America, MD Anderson Cancer Center and Samsung. We ensure that each piece of the value chain, from Brand Positioning and Digital Marketing Strategy to Data Storytelling, leads to better insights that drive business results. At Stratistry, everything we do is designed to enhance the value of your brand.


Brand Positioning

Your brand is one of the most valuable assets you have. And powerful brands are built by consistently communicating a relevant and compelling brand idea through all touchpoints. The Stratistry team will help you achieve this by employing a collaborative brand definition process.  After a discovery period including interviews, competitive analysis and a secondary research review, we conduct a brand development workshop with your team in which we will craft a meaningful and differentiating brand promise. This brand promise will form the foundation from which to launch or further grow your brand.

Key Benefits:

  • Clear brand definition – everyone in the organization will understand what the brand stands for
  • Consistent communication – all touchpoints and brand communications can be brought into alignment with the brand positioning
  • Supportive team – the collaborative process ensures that all participants are committed to supporting the brand

Digital Marketing Strategy

The first step is to clearly define the desired online target audience. Once this is defined, we can build a digital marketing plan with tactics from paid search engine marketing to social media campaigns to demand generation. The marketing strategy process ensures we are helping you to appeal to the right audience that will be interested in your product or service. This means a greater return on your marketing investments.

Key Benefits:

  • Greater marketing ROI – getting the most for your budget
  • Higher customer conversion – driving more sales and a lower cost of acquisition
  • More loyal fans – retaining your high value customers and reducing time to find new ones

Website Development

A website that utilizes tag management allows you to monitor the customer journey across platforms, from social media to video, search and more. Whether your need requires a website or simply updating an existing site, we can use third-party applications like Google Tag Manager, Tealium, or Squarespace, to collect vital pieces of customer data to form the foundation of your performance analytics.

Key Benefits:

  • Less development time – leaving more time to understand your customer
  • Improved site performance – enhancing the customer experience to increase their conversion rate
  • Mitigated privacy issues – reducing your exposure through compliance with General Data Protection Regulation

Performance Analytics

We analyze your customer data to identify key metrics for your success, and develop dashboards to monitor performance and give you the confidence to adjust your marketing tactics when needed. This means we narrow the focus and cut through clutter to uncover what really drives the growth of your brand.

Key Benefits: 

  • Integrated dashboard – providing all your digital marketing efforts in a single view
  • Accountability for investment return – allowing you to tie your digital marketing costs to sales
  • Detailed customer journey – identifying what is and is not working for your customers

Data Storytelling

What does it all mean? We translate the data analyses into a cohesive narrative that makes the performance of your marketing initiatives easy to understand and digest. This ultimately allows for better decision making and improved performance against your key metrics.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved marketing efficiency – increasing the opportunity for additional investment that yields more growth
  • Organizational alignment  – rallying your team around a central marketing message
  • New business and partners – giving you the strategic support to take your brand to the next level