Stratistry is a marketing and consulting firm that focuses on delivering actionable, data insights to drive business results. Our strengths are in brand strategy and understanding how to apply technology to derive value. Apart from technical infrastructure, we excel at executing relevant marketing campaigns and then communicating the outcome by leveraging data in ways that are easy to understand. In short, Stratistry is committed to helping you transform your business through better insights.


Angie Yarbrough

Principal, Brand Builder

Angie is a business leader with broad experience in all aspects of brand management from digital to traditional. She spent 15 of the past 20 years at The Richards Group and has built brands in a number of industries, including automotive, consumer packaged goods, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, restaurant, energy, non-profit, retail and technology. Angie has a unique talent for leading teams to build strong, engaging and enduring brands. A natural communicator, she has a Bachelor of Journalism from Texas A&M University.

Dave Longfield

Principal, Creative Director

A veteran copywriter and creative director, Dave specializes in creating and developing the kind of long-term brand ideas that drive results. His clients within consumer packaged goods, hospitality, banking, retail and more will tell you that he’s had a hand in helping either drive more business or even saving the business. After studying at the University of Nevada-Reno, Dave came to Dallas to work for a number of agencies including The Richards Group, Moroch and Tracy Locke.

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Roger Yarbrough

Principal, Data Catalyst

Roger brings over 20 years of experience in solving challenges for his clients in banking, energy, healthcare, retail and consumer packaged goods. His background as a technology and strategy leader at Deloitte and other firms provides him with a diverse expertise and the ability to quickly deliver value to client engagements. Throughout his career, Roger has led teams focused on improving the customer journey and driving ROI. He has a BA from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from the Neeley School at Texas Christian University.

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Traci Yourse

Principal, Media Planner

Traci is a results-oriented, creative media professional with extensive experience planning both traditional and digital campaigns, emerging media, event sponsorships, and multi-media/cross-platform partnerships. During more than 14 years with The Richards Group, she managed marketing communications plans for clients in mass retail, consumer packaged goods, restaurants, healthcare and more, and had stints in specialty media at the Wall Street Journal and Billups. Traci has a Bachelor of Arts in Business/Marketing from the University of North Texas.